During my decades of incarceration, I have utilized
every education and vocational class afforded an
offender with my sentence. I am a hair stylist, dog
trainer, paralegal, and have extensive training as a
Certified Group Fitness Trainer, Certified Personal
Trainer, and Certified Senior Fitness Trainer with
continuing education in Yoga, Pilates, Group
Exercises, and Injury Prevention.

I am a multi-faceted professional who, for over thirty
years, has solved problems and met adversity head-on
to consistently generate positive results. I continue to
pursue both personal and professional growth through
study and application of proven ability to create
positive opportunities for all parties involved. I have the
ability to plan, organize, coordinate, and direct
successful fund-raising programs, volunteer
committees, public relations programs, and educational
programs. I also have a broad knowledge of legislative
and legal procedures. Job offers in the legal field,
mortgage business, and the fitness arena, with a list of
personal training clients, are just a few employment
opportunities available to me upon my release.

I have numerous residences across the state and out
of state with stable, law-abiding family and friends in
which to live upon my release. My passion is to also
volunteer for various charities in which I have been
affiliated through the years. I also have a deep desire
to speak on the effects of abuse and to share my life
experiences. I hope to keep others from coming to

As you can see, I have gained skills throughout my
incarceration which will provide for my financial, social,
and emotional well-being. I have a stable team of
strong supporters. With my passion to help others, I
will make a substantial commitment to those around
me and to society as a whole. I will be a benefit to the
community. I am extremely healthy and pose no threat
of being a burden to society. I am highly motivated and
have always had a strong work ethic from the age of
fifteen to present. I will be an asset to society instead
of being a tax burden by my continued incarceration.

Plans for my Future